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Best Bites: 6 dishes in Hong Kong we loved this week

October 22, 2021 — Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong | Nathan Erickson

Best Bites is a roundup of the outstanding dishes we had within the last week: those which renewed our love for established venues; caught our attention at a new opening; or freshly impressed upon us the creativity and skill of Hong Kong’s talented chefs.

Cheat Day: Karisa Cheque, executive chef of Candour, Common Abode Group

October 22, 2021 — Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong | Sandra Kwong

In our Cheat Day column, we spotlight some of the top players in the kitchen and behind the bar, delving into their personal favourites during their days off. This week, we speak to Karisa Cheque of Candour, Common Abode Group. 

Now Open: Candour Brings Old-School Hip-Hop And Rap-Inspired Cocktails To Peel Street

October 20, 2021 — Tatler Dining Hong Kong | Gavin Yeung

After a months-long delay, the long-awaited Candour, a new bar and lounge replacing the old 65 Peel space in Soho, is finally open. Part of the fledgling Common Abode hospitality group, Candour pays homage to the early days of...

Your Guide To The Best Free-Flow Brunch In Hong Kong

September 29, 2021 — Sassy Hong Kong

Brunch in Hong Kong needs no introduction. In our city, the humble meal that falls between breakfast and lunch gets a super-sized makeover. So much more than just pancakes and eggs, Hong Kong’s...

We’re telling ya – these cinnamon buns are the best ones in Hong Kong!

September 20, 2021 – Honeycombers | Fashila Kanakka

Whether you like it American style and coated with cream cheese frosting, or you like to keep it minimal and light the Nordic way, you’ll find your...

Café Hjem brings the flavors of Norway to Hong Kong

August 25, 2021 — HYPEBAE | Pauline de Leon

The stylishly hygge eatery serves smørrebrød, cinnamon rolls and other Scandinavian foods. Conceptualized by Common Abode, Hjem ("home" in Norwegian) is Hong Kong's new Nordic café...

Common Abode: Hong Kong’s latest restaurant group

May 25, 2021 — Hong Kong Living | Matt Eaton

The founders behind Club Rangoon have unveiled a new hospitality group and the opening of two new restaurant concepts. Entrepreneurs Nelson Htoo and Elin Fu launch Common Abode with...

The Team Behind Club Rangoon Launches Common Abode, A New Hospitality Group

May 25, 2021 — Tatler Asia | Gavin Yeung

There seems to be no better signifier of an F&B industry in revival than the creation of not one, but two hospitality groups in the month of May alone...

New Nordic Café Hjem opens in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan district

July 27, 2021 — Scandasia | Mette Larson

There is good news for Nordic food lovers in Hong Kong as TimeOut Hong Kong has announced the opening of a new Nordic cafe in Sheung Wan district near Man Mo Temple.

Superfood Salads To Enjoy This July

July 26, 2021 — Vogue HK | Carina Fischer

Delightful superfood salads to pack a nutritious punch. Candour is one of two new openings from the recently established hospitality group, Common Abode, with a bar-lounge concept harnessing...

New Eats: Anniversary celebrations at Cornerstone and Club Rangoon [...]

July 5, 2021 — Lifestyle Asia | Lorria Sahmet

No doubt this past Fourth of July weekend indulgence will have appetites spent; try looking at another slice of pie or a greasy pizza and sloppy...

Where to eat food from Ukraine, Ghana and Myanmar in Hong Kong

May 14, 2021 — SCMP | Chris Dwyer

If you were to ask the average Hong Kong diner to name a dish from Ukraine, Ghana or Myanmar, chances are they’d be stumped.