Our Story

Every experience is defined by interactions, be it with people or with our immediate surroundings. Here at Common Abode, we believe in meaningful interactions with both.

Common Abode concepts are bound together by an affinity towards a simple act of gathering in a space that is familiar yet constantly inspired, fomented by excellent service and exquisite culinary offerings. Our dynamic spaces are the result of an introspective look at our own experiences and interactions we have with our favorite people in particular settings — and if there's one takeaway from that reflection, great experiences should always be shared.

Channeling the concept of the round table which seeps into our visual identity, we believe in the power of food to bring people together. With the community at the heart of what we do, we strive to craft exceptional experiences through bold and creative outlets worldwide that will inspire new dynamics and synergies within the global hospitality landscape.

While each of our concepts gleams with their own distinctive personality, all are housed under a common desire at the core of our identity: to simply have a good time, together.

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Our Team

Nelson Htoo


With a deep-seated passion for food and a craving for new culinary experiences, Nelson has always strived towards familiarising himself with various celebrated restaurants across the globe. In the summer of 2020, Nelson founded and opened his first restaurant Club Rangoon — Hong Kong’s first authentic Burmese cuisine — with the intention to represent the complex cuisine of his homeland on an international scale. The restaurant quickly garnered recognition, receiving ‘2021 Best Restaurants’ by Tatler Dining Hong Kong, and ‘Best New Restaurant 2020’ at the HK Dining Awards. Gaining a rich first-hand experience of starting an F&B establishment, Nelson looks to expand his horizons beyond introducing Burmese food to local diners. With his expertise and a keen eye for voids and niches within the local dining scene, he continues to create bold, diverse concepts under Common Abode that welcome anyone and everyone to simply gather for a good time.

Elin Fu


Born and raised in the small and humble town of Hamar in Norway, Elin moved to Hong Kong in 2017 in pursuit of a new adventure. Upon graduating from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a major in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship, she continued to navigate the always evolving business landscape of Hong Kong. Whilst she gained ample experience within the corporate world after spending a couple of months at a fashion tech start-up, a marketing research company, and later at a recruiting firm, Elin found herself still striving for something more people-oriented. It was only after coming to Hong Kong and experiencing the diverse and flourishing culinary scene here when she realised that she wanted to delve deeper into the F&B industry. Already having co-founded concepts like Candour and the Nordic café Hjem under Common Abode, Elin sets a firm footing as she begins her foray into F&B. When she’s not trying out the latest spots in town, you can catch her on a hike on Hong Kong’s many trails, bringing out her Nordic love of nature.